Xquisit Events

This is a list of our current bookings, with links to event info pages. Please note that our engagement differs from event to event.

Jan 27-29 Crystal Boot Awards, Gävle, Sweden (fully hosted by Xquisit Events)
Mar 2-3 Sunlight Party, Gävle, Sweden (DJ)
May 6-May 7 Silja Line Dance Cruise (DJ)
Jun 21-24 Eurodance, Southport, UK (DJ)
Sep 21-25 Newline, Newcastle (DJ)

About us

Xquisit Events started with a clear vision: We want to be a part of the greatest line dance & West Coast Swing events in the world. That doesn’t mean we need to throw the biggest ones or even host them ourselves. This means we’d like to add value into any event you might think of.

If you already have an annual event and things are going well, would you like someone objective to look at your event and make some suggestions on how to make it even better? Or is it some part of the event you’d prefer not to do yourself? Bookings? DJ?

Just think about it. What if you could tell us exactly what parts of the event you enjoy doing and we’ll take care of the rest? That’s what we’re for!

Even if you don’t even have an event, but you have this great idea like: ”I’d LOVE to have a 20’s themed linedance event” and you don’t have the first clue on how to make that happen. We do! We can find the venue, handle the bookings, the payments, the food, the accomodation/hotel, the instructors, the flyers, the DJ, the sound system, the schedule.. Anything! You could just have a blast at the event you always wanted. Not lifting a finger to get there. Well, apart from the 20’s suit you had to find for this.. How’s that for an idea?

How to get in touch with us

If you’d like up-to-date info on us and our events, please like/follow our Facebook page.

If you’d like to contact us directly, use:
e-mail: events [at] xquisit.nu
phone: +46-70-55 88 987

Postal mail should be addressed to:
Xquisit Events AB
Södra Köpmangatan 13B
802 51 Gävle

Our organization/VAT no: SE559010-911101
Bankgiro: 5001-8399
Swish: 123 160 5914

For international payments:
IBAN: SE8480000810349442136843