Guyton Mundy

Guyton Mundy is one of the world’s most wanted choreographers. Known for finding the most awesome tracks and infusing his unique funky styling into his choreography.

Klara Wallman

Choreographer of the world hit ”Down to the River” and co-choreographer to some of Guyton’s latest work. An awesome dancer with an exquisite feeling for hitting the beats.

Marcus Lindfors (DJ)

Mostly known in the line dance world for inventing the DJ Feed online playlists system is also one of the top line dance DJ’s in Sweden. He will be playing your requests all weekend long!

Sunlight Party, March 4th-6th 2016

Gorgeous Hotel

The Nyköping Sunlight House has a great atmosphere and has good quality rooms, huge ballrooms, a very nice restaurant, a fully equipped gym and of course.. A spa. All included with your booking!


Maps & directions

Flights & shuttle information available on this link. If you’d like to find the hotel on Google Maps, click here.

Online playlists & info

All playlists and floor information regarding the event will be available online during the entire weekend. WiFi is available at the hotel and included in the tickets. Make sure to bookmark the feed in your phone!

Your hosts for the weekend

Monica Nilsson

Booking coordinator

Nanna Kjellin Lagerqvist

Food & special needs

Marcus Lindfors

DJ & Ballroom coordinator

Johan Svensson

Promotion & Shuttle manager

Plans and Pricing

Of course we’d love for you to stay with us for the entire event! If you have any questions or concerns regarding how to book, please contact us by e-mail on events[at]

The booking site is open on this link. If you’re on Facebook, please click ”follow” or ”coming” on this event to get the latest updates!
A booking fee of SEK 500 will have to be paid to secure your reservation. The booking fee is already included in the prices you see below and will be automatically deducted from the total.

Full weekend

  • Accommodation Friday-Sunday
  • Dinner Friday
  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Saturday
  • Breakfast &  Lunch Sunday
  • Access to the spa/gym/pool area
  • WiFi

Single supplement

  • The full package in a single room

Extra night

SEKfr 498/person
  • Price per person per night in double room. Single room is SEK 745 pppn.
  • Extra night at the hotel before or after the event
  • Breakfast
  • Access to the spa/gym/pool area
  • WiFi
  • Lunch & Dinner not included

Friday only

  • Dinner Friday
  • Dancing & workshops
  • Access to the spa/gym/pool area
  • WiFi

Saturday only

  • Lunch & dinner Saturday
  • Dancing & workshops
  • Access to the spa/gym/pool area
  • WiFi

Sunday only

  • Lunch (sandwich) Sunday
  • Dancing & workshops
  • Access to the spa/gym/pool area
  • WiFi

Frequently Asked Questions

Is really everything included?

Well, almost. No alcoholic drinks are included and If you’d like a spa treatment (i. e. foot massage) you would need to pay for that yourself. But pretty much everything else is included. Dancing, food, accomodations, spa, gym, pool, WiFi.. Yep. We think we have you covered!

How do I book?

The booking site is open on this link. Head over there to make your reservation!

What about my dietary needs?

If you’re on a special diet, please contact nanna[at] She knows a whole lot about food & diets and is the one in charge of any special menus. She will get you sorted!

Can we book with the hotel directly?

We are afraid not. This event can only be booked through us. The hotel just supplies the services per our order.

What levels of dances will be played/taught?

The DJ has instructions to play requests during the entire event. That means the playlist will become what you ask for. Most workshops would be at intermediate level. Some might even reach advanced. Although not everyone will be on all workshops, we truly believe that you will get some really good dances to go home with you!

We are a group of three. Do we need to pay for a double and single room?

No. There are a number of triple (and even quad) rooms available at the same rate per person as the doubles.

How can I recieve the latest updates?

We will post updates to the event onto Facebook, so if you’re interested, please click ”coming” och ”follow” on this page. If you’re not on Facebook, please come back here anytime!

What's the schedule like?

Check it out here!

How on earth do you pronounce "Xquisit"?

This is a pretty common question, actually. Especially for people who don’t have English as their first language. But since you asked.. =)  The name is simply derived from the word Exquisite (translate it here). We lost the first and last ”e”, but still pronounce just the same: [eks-kwisit].

Don't Be Shy

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

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